CookzCreed Foundation, What’s it all about?

So you’re thinking, What is CookzCreed Foundation? Where did it start? How will they make a difference? CookzCreed Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization providing scholarships, grants and funding for culinary individuals for their culinary needs. For example, students entering culinary programs or individuals needing books or culinary materials. We also provide resources and support services as well as a mentorship program to bring about mental health awareness and mentoring.

CookzCreed Foundation was founded by Kisha Washington and is dedicated to Chef Shaheed Claiborne who passed away January 2020. His vision for CookzCreed was to help those individuals find a safe haven and space to get help with funding, culinary materials and other items to help reach their goals. CookzCreed Foundation was then created to create that space for culinary artists to reach their dreams and goals by helping them reach it.

The Foundation is here to make a difference for those that need the help, that need that little extra push to greatness. It also makes the difference in knowing the culinary field is a hard thing to tackle by yourself. So supporting those with mental health issues and by mentoring, we can create those spaces for who needs them.

If you would like to support the CookzCreed Foundation, please visit our website and donate to help creating spaces for culinary individuals.

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