Executive Chef
Shaheed S. Claiborne

2016-2018 Best Food Truck of CENLA 

5x Taste of America Winner

2019 WFC John Corey Spark Award winner

Culinary Assassin

Shaheed's Story

CookzCreed Foundation was founded on the bases and saying, "Make life worth it".
When it came to Shaheed Claiborne making life worth it, he did it 100% with passion.
Shaheed was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. Going through a bit of a tough
childhood, he had gotten into some trouble and went away for some years. While away,
he found ways to embrace and bring passion to his life. He loved the arts and found
ways to implement them.

His passion for food grew into a love. Not only did he love cooking, his passion for art,
poetry, and music grew as well. Once he repaired his life, by getting a fresh start with
rehabilitation, he put his passions to good use. He built Booshays Food Truck from the
ground up, making over 100k in the first year, his food truck won Best Food Truck in
Central Louisiana for three years. In the next couple of years, he accumulated
numerous awards such as 5 years Taste of America Winner, Top 10 and 2nd Place
winner at The World Food Championship’s Chicken Category, Gnarly Head Wine
National Champion 2017, Burger Bash Champion 2016, and The Infamous John Corey
Spark Award 2019 at WFC, the most highest honor you can receive.

With so many awards, he became a beautiful artist with his works in the culinary arts,
his beautiful paintings, and artistry which he sold, his music, which he produced with
friends and his writings in poetry. What many did not know is, he suffered from PTSD
and Mental Illness. Mental health is so important, and Shaheed did a lot to hide this side
from his peers. But your story should never be hidden, it could help someone else on
their path or journey. But even with him dealing with his mental illness, his aura, and
presence was infectious to others. Everyone loved being around him. He not only
leveled himself up, he challenged everyone that came in contact with him to be the best
they can be!

Shaheed Claiborne passed on January 20th, 2020. He was a friend, brother, father,
confidant, artist, and many other things. His legacy lives on through all of us
remembering that our story can help someone else. That is what CookzCreed is all
about, helping those in need for funding and resources for mental health. Shaheed
would smile knowing that this foundation is helping others the way he wanted it. So,
make life worth it, feed your soul, and take care of you!

"Shaheed S. Claiborne. Age, 41, born in Baton Rouge, Loiusiana. Youngest of four boys. Raised by a single mother.

I started cooking with my eyes long before I was ever allowed to touch anything other than dishes! I watched a lot. And over time would assist in the kitchen. My father was a really passionate cook as well. His mother was full Creole, Learned a lot from “Granny” for sure! I looked to Culinary Arts for therapy and healing during one of the darkest times of my life. Overcoming the adversity I’d made for myself, by my choices in keeping company landed me in Federal prison. And out of the ashes a flame flickered. Then and there I began to teach myself to refine a lot of what I knew! Sponged anything else I could. Today, all I can say is ….wow! Can’t tell you where the time went, only what’s happened in my life and career. Through sharing my both Best and worst times with you. -Some accomplishments- Best Food Truck of CENLA 2016-2018, Creator/Executive Chef of Juliette Plantation’s Dinner On The Bayou Supper Club Pop-Up, Gnarly Head Wine’s National Rib Recipe Champion, Burger Brew Champion 2 years running, 5 time Taste Of America winner! 2nd place overall Top Ten Chicken 2018 World Food Championship 2018, 2019 World Food Championships John Corey Spark Award winner! It’s been one hell of a ride too! Can’t wait to share it with you…Though, the mind of an Artist/Chef/Poet can be an interesting place to be. Enter at your own risk 😂 Cookz Creed~ Seek to Find the true spice in life! Leave a part of you on every plate!”

His vision

Shaheed’s vision was to provide a safe haven of support specifically for individuals in the culinary industry. The way we make life worth it is we help those that need it. We help provide resources so individuals can reach their goals and create a space for creativity. As well as keeping mental health awareness a priority.


Culinary Arts




His Passion

Cooking painting, music was his love. Art was his muse. But what mattered most in them was passion. You had to love what you were doing. That’s where “Make life worth it” comes from. Make what you do worth it.

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Seek to find the true
spice of life!

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